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I have to admit that while I am fairly literate I didn't know the word "dystopic" until it appeared on Cajsa's sim list long ago. Actually, while I remember the term as dystopic, it may have said dystopia(n) as that appears to be the correct term -- so sayeth Google and Wikipedia and they of course are the authorities.

I always assumed dystopian was a post apocalypse cousin. It seems that while it can be, it ain't necessarily so. That If A and B then (maybe) C logic thing.

Anyway, this leads me to my post of the afternoon (where did the day go?).

22769 ~ [bauwerk]  (Sim 7)  released the Voronoi House at the Home and Garden Expo. Now I admit that I opened and rezzed the house a few days ago. I really liked it but I was also puzzled. With big points for departure from the norm and low prim count (25 with decks), I was having trouble putting it into a category. Now of course there is no reason TO DO that, but just me.  Then I saw a post on this house from another blogger. It was dark and sepia toned and for whatever reason it was a light bulb moment.

For ME, the Voronoi house is a perfect sci-fi, dystopian, post apocalypse abode. I love the industrial strength leaded glass walls. The light patterns are fantastic.

So, it is being added to the barren landscape of the SAND area at MOSP.  I definitely feel like I could be in an outpost in Tatooine :D. I will be modding this design some and happily that is fairly easy to do. It is a LONG build in its default size and would need a fairly large piece of land. But I found it was very easy to size down as a whole or take off the back deck etc. So many options are available to you. I will mostly be roughing the wood up a bit so that it looks less sleek and spiffy and more desert dweller.

Let you imagination be your guide.

My outfit isn't new at all and isn't even an outfit but bits and pieces of older items that I had great fun styling into my role play attire.

Hair from Discord, Goggles from K_gs, clothing from EMO-tions and ExXeSs, Boots from CARGO on the Marketplace.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: aDORKable


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