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PSA - Hunting

This is a public service announcement of sorts as it took me four trips to finally find the Hints and SLURLs page for the Enmeshed Into Summer Hunt. Yes, I know it might just be me, but since the hunt websites say this was the most searched for hunt -- I am wondering.   I went to the enMESHED Headquarters thinking there would be a starting landmark? An example of what to look for? A list in the group archives? OMG, anything to get me a starting place - LOL. Eventually I looked at the photo of some of the stores, looked them up and found a prize. Whew!

Now yes, this may have been ALL ME!!! But just in case you have been wondering where to start, you now have the page.

I only hit a few stops, being tired by the time I got started. But a big round of applause to Barely Legal for not only  having  a GREAT prize, but for having a big display at the front of the store with a hint, a photo of the prize AND an example of what to look for.

Honestly, I think the hunt organizers could have done a tiny bit more *wink*. Even a first stop link on the home page of the blog would have been a big, BIG help or some info at the headquarters.

They do get gold stars for having a terrifically cute hunt object. It is pretty small, so look carefully. Pay attention to the hints; some stores had a hint giver on the hunt sign (yeah) and that helped.

The prizes are all mesh except for a shape that is in mesh standard sizing. I will likely continue on now that I have a landmark to the next stop -- and the LIST of course *wink*.

So go forth.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Pose by: Diesel Works


Sibyl Vane said…
Idk what you think but this hunt was a complete mess imo lol
Anonymous said…
Barely legal slurl is worng
Chic Aeon said…
Thanks. Fixed SLURL. That is an adult sim by the way; hadn't noticed in my bleariness.

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