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Walking the Woods and Flickr

It may be getting close to summer where you live, but it is cold, wet and blustery outside my corporeal door; a good time to bundle up just a bit and take a stroll in some lovely and virtual woods.

If you are a Flickr fan, you know that they have redesigned their layout and added a ton of space. This means no more "Pro" of old and no more "200 photos". Read all the important details here.

Now I have never been a big Flickr user. I upload favorites from time to time and sometimes upload a photo from the blog to Flickr when a merchant asks me to. My photos are never huge in size or in megabytes. But today after getting all my ducks in a row at the Home and Garden Expo (more on that Thursday) I zipped over for a lovely walk in the woods.

I took a giant (for me) photo which was going to take forever for anyone to see. And my computer (now over 2 years old) was not terribly happy with the process either. I resized to 3000 pixels and did some jpg compression and got it down to 3 megs. Here is the link to the widescreen raw shot if you care to look.

MEANWHILE, my very pretty outfit is from Senzafine, "Melissa". It fits nicely, walks well and is feminine without moving into too young territory. An excellent outfit for many occasions.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Pose by: STATUS


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