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This post is in part a story of items already mentioned, but before we get there -- let's talk about the HAT!  

New from Eclectica, the 'Flora' Sunhat offers almost infinite choices. First you have a choice of hair or no hair, then hat colors, then flower and trim colors -- well you get the idea. I have no idea what the actual permutation number is, but it is a big one. I went for pink tones to go along with my new landscape. From there I added a dress by Ducknipple which of course had a pink choice in the hud (love those huds).

Now while we are here at this shot, let me start my story. A few days ago I showed you some flora from Forest Feast (Sim 4), a veteran in the flowers department. They are lovely. Later when I journeyed over to the blogger platform from Home and Garden Expo to see what newness may have arrived, I found myself with another box of flowers. Bleary? A bit. Long hours this last week for sure and it is hard to remember what you picked up and what you did not, even when you aren't tired.

Anyway --- I opened the box and pulled out some things to find newness. Now I am guessing it wasn't really newness, just me missing something the first time around. What I found was a really nice set of roses that have an extensive hud with many choices. Best of all, you actually get three different kinds of Wild Roses. You can choose pale pink with greenery, just greenery or rosehip (what you see here). You can also turn bright on and off (handy if you live in a "no bright allowed" sim), choose glow or not and how much, decide on transparency etc. The bushes are also mod so you can make them larger or smaller as needed. A great value on many fronts.

Now back to the hat.

There are a variety of basic hair colors in a short 1920ish style.

You could of course wear the chapeau with your favorite hat hair, but I am a pragmatic gal (a tired one at that) and I liked this nostalgic look.

The tall rose bush in the background is also from Forest Feast. It goes really well up against the mansion I showed you yesterday from La Galleria (see yesterday's post for more info).

Another "if I would have known" backtrack concerns the new pavers from Barnesworth Anubis (Sim 2) for Home and Garden Expo.

I saw these at the Expo, thought they looked well-made and classic, but I didn't try to use them.

They are SO EASY!!!!  They fit together effortlessly with little thought or planning needed. They also resize to much larger without increasing the land impact. So I made a large entry patio for 7 land impact.

So take a second look at these. There is just ONE paver piece and it fits amazingly like a puzzle -- again without any complex thinking. I really can't wrap my head around how he did this, but it works. 

Poses by: aDORKable


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