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The Crimson Goth

A scream rings out. Crimson blood falls on worn cobblestones. Footsteps echo in the distance.

OK. I admit I am putting you on a bit. This new "Miette" Dress in Crimson from Senzafine: Curiosities & Accoutrements @ The World Goth Fair (or M sim) isn't dangerous at all. It is simply super cute in a Victorian dollish way.  The detailing is exception with the bolero jacket partly open in the front and tons of tiny ruffles. The top is separate from the skirt so you could mix and match with other garments if you so choose. There are plenty of color choices. This crimson one comes in a dual pack along with a black version and is the RFL   Sophie Lancaster Foundation: item.

And if you love red velvet (and who doesn't? :D), there is a lovely parlor set. With many animations to choose from, this would be a great addition to a Gothic or Victorian home.

The "Evendim" Seating Set is low land impact, the folding screen reversible (sans velvet), and the lamp in both owner only and public versions. The lamp has on - off and auto; I am guessing auto turns on at SL night. Note to self: make your own day cycle and see how you like living in a more "timely" world.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Nat MK9

Poses by: aDORKable and Possession


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