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On the Water


The hunt at the Home and Garden Expo is going well -- judging from my transaction history anyway :D. There are some great items to be found for sure.

The PRIME prize is a couples raft that includes some nice animations with adjustments and swapping. Some are definitely romantic and others not so much. Some you can use on your own and that works well too. Yeah! 

Hunt photos, hints and SLURLs are here.  This is supposed to be a blind hunt so I am not allowed to give you any coordinates, but any intrepid hunters will find things easily. My prize which you may have seen featured (yeah) is a wine glass, book stack and show tickets decor piece.

There is a matching 2 LI inter-tube with animations as a PRIME RLF item.

Feel free to try them out in a lag free environment HERE.

I am wearing a new pair of mesh jeans from SLX. It is part of a complete outfit. What is the most notable perk for me is that they work with the new Ducknipple The Tank which I have been living in a lot. Finding tops and bottoms in mesh that work well together is sometimes tricky. So in case you zipped out and got The Tank, check out the new Dollie jeans.

Di is wearing two new group gifts from COCO, a tank (there is a black version also) and some very nice boots. So check that group gift wall if you haven't lately.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: the raft and tube


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