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Chav (just me for those of you that don't remember) started out looking like a poet in that Johnny Depp way. Times change though -- in all areas of life -- and today I purchased a new skin for him. Note that I don't say "me" as I never really feel all that comfortable inside "him" :D. But he is a good looking dude in his new ZMOKE SKIN BY TELLAQ at The Mens Dept.

I wasn't skin shopping when I ventured over the other eve, but I saw this face on the vendor board and took a demo. I have always been a fan of TELLAQ skins. Wonder has worn one off and on for several years.  This one fit Chav perfectly with just a couple of little nose tweaks in the sliders. These are unretouched photos by the way *wink*.  So head on over there if you are a fan. Hair is Butler by Discord Designs.

Poses by: Diesel Works

There is other newness afoot. A new skybox is out from Barnesworth Anubis for COLLABOR88. It is small with different levels and a primarily open plan, definitely a place I would be happy with in real life. You can rez JUST the skybox on a 512 lot for only 36 land impact. If you want the complete, very impressive, surround with THREE buildings, trees, rain (optional) and cloudy sky --- you will need a 1/8 sim lot or so. This judging by how it fit on my 1/4 sim building pad :D.  The complete build is 64 land impact; impressive.

Strangely enough I tried all the models and chose the rainy version. I live corporeally in a land of rain, but this year it looks like drought season. I guess I actually miss the wetness and didn't even realize.

I started to decorate last night. I added a one wall kitchen from Trompe Loeil @ FaMESHed and some new group gift wall art from [we're CLOSED]. And then I stopped. Deciding to leave it empty, I'll add new items as they come in. My goal (I always like those) is to make it as land impact efficient as I can. So watch for photos from here in the future.

While we're talking changes --- we have lost our height offset slider in Firestorm due to the new texture baking and all that entails. But, for those of you that used it often, The Lab added in a "hover" slider at the bottom of the shape editing window's first pane.

That's my tip of the day.


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