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Up Against the Wall

Oh my! Op ed time again. (insert grin here)

I noted today that there is a new Truth Hair Flickr contest going on. Now I have some Truth hair that I have purchased and some that I have won. I like them both very much. I kinda have a thing with Flickr contests; sometimes they work and sometimes not. It doesn't really matter if "I" win you understand; it matters that I can see why the person that did win -- did. I am guessing that if you have been around long enough, you know what I mean. There have been times when I thought, "by golly she did a great job - - good for her". There was a time LONG ago when the winners were so obviously "not winners" there was an outcry and I actually got a new and special prize *wink*. Ah well.

This thought has nothing to do with that and I wish the participants well; fame, glory and all that jazz. What bothers me really is that the minimum size that can be entered in the contest is 2048 x 2048. Now that is four times the size that can be currently uploaded to SL for vendors. It is also a size that is ONLY available to those that pay for Flickr "pro". This leaves out a lot of very talented photographer - bloggers (maybe you; certainly me). There is so much "resistance if futile" stuff going on these days with Google Plus, Facebook and the like that adding one more "you must be a Flickr pro" somehow bothered me a lot when I read that.

Edit: This size info appears to be incorrect (I didn't test the new info for myself). So check the comments on this post for more details.  I am guessing that Flickr resizes to standard sizes and for me in the past that has always been 1024 when it was say 1800. So, sorry for the dra-ma and good luck to everyone in the contest.

And here is a second thing since I am on a roll here. I have noted that many bloggers are turning off comments. I have wanted to thank them for posting on a hunt I wondered about and didn't do or compliment them on a great photo etc -- and I couldn't. Blogging in part  -- in my mind anyway -- is an INTERCOMMUNICATIONAL recreation. If you want to simply type into the void, you never really need to post anything at all.


Edit: Please see Dolly's comment on this. Some folks may be able to post that 2048 x 2048 photo without Pro, so that is good news.


Unknown said…
it is a larger format than usual, but I was able to upload without Flickr Pro. I think the size limits are a reasonable monthly limit, not individual photos.

Hope that's good news!
Chic Aeon said…
Thanks. That is good to know.

Whenever I try any size over 1024 (like 2000 x 1500 say) the largest pohoto it shrinks it down to 1024 on the shortest size (so 1500 x 1024 ish). Not sure why.

Maybe because my account is SO old; maybe because I did at one time have Flickr pro and it REALLY wants me to return.

That is very good news though for most folks. Thanks VERY much for posting that.
Chic Aeon said…
Thinking on it some more, I am not sure I have ever tried to upload a photo with the MINIMUM dimension of 2048, so that might actually work even for me :D.

I wasn't planning on entering the contest anyway, just (from my past experience) thought it was unfair to leave out so many folks. Happy to know I was wrong about that.

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