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Someone's in the Kitchen

Early morn. Get those pancakes made. Or if you are lazy, maybe some yogurt and fruit :D.

Two new releases make up this post. First up the new babydoll nightie from 1Hundred. Available in many colors it is exceptionally cute and definitely on the way to sexy.

There's a new kitchen in town, out from Trompe Loeil for FaMESHed.  Tons of colors to choose from, I picked the natural beige. You can turn the counter tops to black with a click and there are animations in several parts of the kitchen.  Choose from PG and Adult version.

The kitchen comes in both a rez box and stand alone pieces. My kitchen (the Newport Beach House) was a bit too small for the along one wall version so I decided to work on a modular build. And while that works fine you don't get all you see here; I found a better plan.

Rez the kitchen out on a sandbox after taking measurements and maybe making a pad the size of your kitchen. Then keep the parts that will fit -- for me the main wall that you see here. Take the extras (the fridge and cabinets to the right) and put then along another wall. This of course will depend on your space.

When you do that you will have one surface that has a dark bake where you may not want it. Simple rez the matching stand alones and rebuild that section of the design. If you have a fairly large kitchen this won't be an issue :D.

Everything accept for the wall decor, light and colorful foodstuffs on the counter are part of the set. It is impressive.

Poses by: aDORKable


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