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Advent Second Life 2013

It's that time of year again. Tomorrow Advent begins. I did a little sleuthing trying to find who will be participating this year. I only have a few so far but I will update this post as I find more. Meanwhile if you are in a group or have a shop that will be doing an Advent calendar or 12 days of Christmas, please feel free to comment to this post and I will add you in.

Scroll down for fashion notes.

Updated Dec 14

Swayland -- I spent the morning over at snowy Sway's looking for GOLD PUFFY STARS which hold the answers to the daily riddles. Find the stars, go back to the presents with that number on the specific day and get your prize.  I found a lot of stars this morning but only the lower numbers so I am thinking the others are not put out yet. It IS early after all, I am just anxious. I did find NUMBER 1 finally (woot). Doing better this year than some. Be SURE to note that there is a downstairs with lots of fun items to peruse and at least one star (my memory is blurry by now). The POE hunt gift is out so keep on the lookout while you are star searching. Update: Only the first half of the hints are out as December starts. Note on the pole tells us this. I suggest making your own notecard with the passwords IN ORDER as you find them. Then it is much easier to find the correct one on the corresponding day.

Mieville Christkindlmarkt!  (fixed I hope) - Note that you cannot directly TP to the board OR fly. It is in a corner.  Lots of little shop stalls and a definite holiday feel here. All is sparkles and golden trees. The link should take you right to the calendar.

Yasum (group only) - one gift a day and you will end up with a complete low prim mesh skybox and furnishings. So saith the group note passed on to me from a friend. I have no info yet on where the present area will be (in years past it was a TP to arrive at a giftbox location). Update from notecard: The first two days are a holiday cabin (out another year) and then after that the skybox items will appear. There is also a free group gift Santa (good Santa and bad Santa versions).

KittyCats - UPDATE: here is the location.

 After some research I asked a customer rep if there would be a traditional KittyCats Calendar. She said there "should" be and to watch the forum post and group notices. So keep your eye out and I will update here when I know more. Traditionally you could get your gifts (one per person) at any time.  Also when I visited the KittyCats store I found that the FIRESTORM KITTY VENDOR is out right as you walk in. So if you missed getting your black and orange kitty, get on over there. They are permapets so you never have to feed them. I love Pearl (and better go visit her as I haven't been a good mom of late.)

22769 (12 Days of Christmas) -  starts December 12th Midnight Dec 13th now -- according to the signs. Update: Look for the BIG outdoor Christmas tree HERE.

Viviane - tp to the calendar. Appears to be for everyone as it has been in past years.

ALB Dream Fashion - (as of Dec 9 GROUP ONLY) happily the advent board greeted me when I landed for the POE hunt.

JCNY - Update: This seems to be a gift area and not an advent countdown as presents have stopped appearing after 5. OR maybe just a stall. LOTS of fun with tons of lucky presents to check while you are there.

Abranimations joins the party once again this year in a fun snowy landscape.

Ginza Jewelry has a red house shaped advent calendar filled with daily boxes. 

Needful Pixel (Adult) - find the right star on the  Christmas trees and touch for each day's gift.

Artistry by E - Follow the snowflakes to the very pretty tree with presents. The non-group gifts appear to be all in red-green combo.

Dulce Secrets - presents under tree one a day (dollarbies).

Kinzart Productions - a big pile of presents greats you at the teleport area.

Storaxtree has gone posh of late so be sure and visit. The advent booth is easy to find - behind you. You can pick up previous gifts also!

Fab-fae - the same advent booth as Storaxtree, the gifts appear to be free the day of their arrival and dollarbies if you missed them.

Loordes of London - the THIRD advent booth on one sim (how handy) you should be able to find this easily.  Items disappear after their day so be timely.

Falln Angel Creations - a tree made of colorful boxes is in the center of the room.

DarkMoon Creations - couples dance balls. Find the tree. Presents are under it. Well natch!

LC Fashion - Find the correctly marked stocking on the tree to claim your gift. Update: you can now pick up the previous gifts.

EMO-tions (group) - gifts for guys and gals each day.

LeCock (adult) is a shop for L'Uomo avatars but not all gifts are are specialty. The present from the 4th for example was three colors of antlers which work for girls as well as guys.

Ruxy's - (as of Dec 8 GROUP ONLY) in the main courtyard, find the bookcase of colorful boxes.

Formanails -  large calendar at the landing point. Today's gift was (no surprise) mesh nails.

Picture This! Poses - pretty gifts under they tree. You can pick up the PAST ones too.

Alli and Ali Hair (not exactly the correct name but I get tired of fixing that "and" sign when I update the page *wink*). Advent Calendar sign to the right as you enter the main shop. Click each day to get a RANDOM gift.

You can also find a SL December hunt list here. 


My Potlood Trench Coat is new from Ducknipple. I really like it! Color hud of course and there are some optional spiky metal sleeves as an add-on if you choose.

These really cute shoes are just out from Eclectica. Now I have to admit that I saw these before they arrived (I am thinking on Pinterest as I haven't been reading blogs lately) and I was REALLY hoping they might come my way.

They are beautifully made (click the photo for a larger view) and come in several color themes. While they ARE a vintage style I think they pair nicely with classic clothes like the trench coat.

OK. I just looked up in wikipedia and the Trench Coat was invented in the first world war. So THAT works -- even historically! Look for Eclectica Bowed Court Shoes.

My very pretty and sleek over the shoulder hair is actually a MALE release from eXxEsS -- CHORS. I am sure it will look great on Chav but I am not sure how often I'll be willing to share!

My location: Winter Scenes 2013

Poses by: aDORKable (marketplace still maybe - includes gift box)


Unknown said…
The store on the Blue heron sim is Fab-Fae Designs not to be confused with FabFree

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