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Advent - Not Too Late

There are quite a few Advent calendars that let you grab previous gifts that you may have missed, so if your enthusiasm waned a bit as the days moved on, now is the time to perk up and grab some goodness.

The big news on the block is that once again Yasum has a fully decorated skybox as a gift for today, Day 24 (hop on the lobby teleporter and choose Advent Calendar from the menu).  It is packed full of pretty things. I particularly like the art. There is a texture change landscape outside the window so you can pick a location that fits your mood.  Some items  are mod, some have resize scripts, but most are no mod.  

There are lots and lots of deor pieces in the skybox, so even if you don't need a new home, you can save some accessories for styling your existing home -- or for another day.

The skybox comes in a rez box complete with all the furniture and decor.  Grab a free group tag and then choose Day 24  and any other number that you may have missed. The calendar will be open until Dec 27th.

Cosmopolitan had more gifts on the tree today.
7 Deadly S[k]ins calendar lasts through the month.
Justice has a spot for Christmas on their calendar.
Jumo has more to come. 
Also LYBRA'S Twelve Days calendar starts tomorrow. Gift is on the wall in a poster near the lucky chairs. 


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