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Advent - Late to the Party

Perusing Seraphim this eve I found three new brands in the "featured" section.  I zipped over to take a look and you might want to also :D. I will add them to my Advent listings.  A super quick screenshot as I hate post with no pictures :D. 

Zerkalo -- (free group) box tree near the landing point.  NOTE that while there is a note connected to the tree (questions in my mind there :D) saying that gifts 1-3 will be available until the end because they were late --- the prizes given out are all the same; at least at this point.   Zerkalo makes very nice d├ęcor and furniture if a little "primmy". In the past the tree was owner filled "daily" and that didn't work well so the TREE version should be so much better for those gathering.    Love gift 5 shown above.

Vagrant - (free group) cute tied crop top in dark coral?  for box number 5. The same message appears on their tree and the same warning above is in effect :D.

Appletini nails - *free group) appliers for various mesh bodies and who doesn't like newnails? The Appletini calendrer delivers all previous dates - woot.

I will check other listing for latecomers and may add to this post later.

Alli&Ali DesignsI am listing this here mostly for nostalgia sake. Many to most of us oldtimers grew up with A&A and it is fun I think to revisit the past now and then.  Click on the board (there are two but I think you can only get one prize a day) to receive your prize. In the past it has been a random prize but the one I just got said "5" so perhaps not this year. Anyway fun. 

Abramimations -- (free group) a SL tradition.  Still terrifically popular though not "my" thing. Give it a try if you like off the wall funny stuff.  

NYNE - an interesting calendar in the past, it apparently changes on European time. 

Note that there are still some incorrect listing in the "big boys' lists -- saying calendars are free when they are not. So watch carefully.


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