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52 Colors - Week 5 Green

Just "green", not chartreuse or lime or mint (and I am guessing some of those are in the list) but GREEN.

Pantone doesn't seem to really want to define what just plain green is although I did find some lovely colors including "greenery". So I am going to define this weeks color as this:

This seems like a fairly easy color to find either in inventory or by shopping, so off I go to see what wonders await me.  


This was a tough one for me. I have almost no "St Patrick's Day Green" (what I am thinking of calling this basic green) in my closet.  Most color huds seem to shun green but happily this one included it in the choices.

[Aleutia] Meghan 
-:zk:- Magalie Necklace
MEMOIRE Von Bag Noir (Hand-Held/Handle)
SEmotion Libellune Tropical Aratinga #13


This is the official path to the challenge.


Pose by: Eternal Dream


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