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The Gift of Home

Sometimes the season really does bring out the best in us humans. We stop fighting, smile (eyes only and maybe with a nod since most are under mask orders) and simply be a bit more kind.  

Out at Onsu a gorgeous little low impact house that could be your home for the holidays. It is small with several rooms and lot of detail and weighs in at only 54 land impact. Porch light and fireplace are included and the windows cast lovely shadows for a homey feel.  Snow roof and other options are included. 

So for you styling fanatics, get your 50 land impact on and show us what you can do over on the forums.  And maybe a thank you note might be in order too.  Designers DO typically appreciate appreciation :D. 

Definitely one of the best gift days of the season so far. 


Ryan Schultz said…
Yes, I picked this one up too. I am such a sucker for free houses and skyboxes!

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