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Playing with Lilly - A Tutorial of Sorts

A good portion of the forum folks and likely of the whole grid has been working on their "new looks" these last couple of days. The impetus for that is of course the Lelutka free group holiday heads.  Snapping one up was difficult during the first days but by now it should be easier. So if you haven't picked yours up, join the free group and get over there. One for the gals; one for the guys -- let's talk Lilly.  Male heads can be found in the same location.

My tips  here are somewhat Lelutka specific but some will be useful for any new head you may be working with.  There is currently a free AK head for one linden (group fee applies too) for the gals here.  Wear your tag and pay the vendor.  Altamura listed a free group head as part of advent and the group fee has been removed so if it appears it will be completely free. 

The Story

I tested out the new male head first and was impressed with all the choices on the hud.  It would not work on my male body since it is a free body and doesn't conform to the standards of the day. But still, impressed.  The next day I unpacked Lilly. Now Lilly and I didn't bond all that well. In her default state she looked young and well-fed and SO not like "Chic". 

But lots of things can happen between unpacking and that final ah-ha moment. After a few hours of day one I decided that Lilly was just not going to work for Chic. The area between the nose and upper lip was very problematic. Chic's thin face and small nose combined to make it beyond the sliders ability, and Chic didn't want a nose job.  

Day two with so many folks showing off their new Lilly Look, I thought that I really should try again. But THIS time I had a plan.

I took a screenshot of my current head while in posestand mode. I uploaded it an placed it on my screen. I only needed to work with the head sliders as I was using my own default shape. 

I left my mesh eyes in to give me some idea when changing my head shape to match my previous one.  That was a big help. Once I got the eyes close to where they needed to be I adjusted them in place. I of course was using a COPY of the mesh eyes and not the ones that were a part of my Genus head.   The ears were not in the same place on this head so earrings will need to be adjusted. Not a big deal.  

After some time I was closer.   

 While you can try the default eyebrow choices that come with the head, you might want to make adjustments on your own. I am still wearing the same "sexy hair" base from thirteen years ago. So I found the hairbase in inventory and then chose EDIT and played with my eyebrows until they look much like the "old me". 

The nose and mouth area were still problematic for me though. I made some improvements but after a few more hours on day two I still wasn't in love with my new look.

Simply put -- I looked mean or maybe in a daze. This is not a body I wanted to live in --- YET.   

The next day brought new energy and I continued onward. I tried the HD head tattoos from the Lelutka head pack. Nope, so not me.  I tried other Lelutka head demos. Nope. I tried tweaking more. A bit better. 

One of my issues was the ability to close the mouth. You can turn off the animations in the animations pane by clicking to off button and turning it black (top right corner).  But even doing that I still had very white teeth showing through.   

Lips will part and pout a bit when taken out of appearance mode.  So aside from having Botox lips which I didn't want -- I needed a solution. 

Taking out the teeth (this assuming you don't use voice and keep your mouth closed 98 percent of the time) doesn't really work as you can still see a weird void; so not good. 

But in the mouth area of the hud there are choices for how bright those teeth are. Choosing one of the dinger, your dentist would not be happy, ones solves the issue --- or did for me anyway.

There is also a version and extra choices for those that want braces (on this same panel).  I didn't try those but what a fun extra for some folks.

Eventually I was getting to a look that I was liking better.  Definitely older and maybe a bit too tired (I can relate) -- but closer.

Then I got the idea to try out the new 7DS skin of the day. My alt had been watching the calendar waiting for her skin tone to appear and I knew that today's color was close to my regular tone.  That did the trick and the results are the lead photo.  The underlying skin helped with  the nose issue as well ad the lips.  I used the browless version of HOPE and purchased some eyebrows  from ARTE at WIP.

And I am FINALLY really liking this head!  What we do for pixel vanity.

 Some more tips on the Lelutka Hud and head pack.

If you go to the SETTING tab in the hud there are some important things that you might miss in your hurry to making Lilly "you". 

There is a choice for a small, medium or large hud panel. Those with high resolution monitors and big screens may want the large size. I was certainly more happy with that option. 

You can also change between light and dark mode.
And you can go to an online user's manual if that is easier for you. Lots of good information there. 

Also at the bottom of the HEAD pane there is a place to change how far your ears stick out. Good to know.

And don't miss unpacking the hair bases. There are three versions in various basic colors. You can tint the hairbases as needed!

So that has been my journey with Lilly.   I learned a lot and I am smiling now.  I wish you the same adventure.  

Poses by: an lar


Anonymous said…
Lilly dragged me into the world of BOM. I resisted for so long because I liked the look I had with Lelutka Simone, but a free Lelutka head was too good to pass up. I adjusted Lilly many times, saving it each time in case I screwed up and needed to go back to a previous version. After a couple of days I got to the point where I thought it looked good, but it just wasn't me. She was younger than I wanted to appear. So off to the Lelutka store I went and grabbed some demos. I was still wearing the shape I made for Lilly and when I put on the Fleur head with a BOM skin from my favorite maker, there I was! Even though Lilly wasn't for me, she was a great teacher.

Dojiba Sabra

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