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Second Life Advent 2020 - Day 6

I have a new friend. He doesn't say much but he is very gentlemanly. And I love men with mustaches *wink*.  As you might guess he is from Pink Camel. What you might NOT suspect, is his land impact number. It is TWO, yes TWO. His name is of course Major Nutcracker. 

Other featured items include Meva's Helga Top and NYNE's Avice hair with mini hair hud and a very nice color changer for the cap. Now there is a lot of "air" in back in the cap area and you do need a hairbase, but it takes a really cute picture. 

Jeans are not in Advent and no longer available. 

This super cute Christmas Books Tree from Zerkalo has blinking lights. VERY realistic!

Simply Shelby has an outdoor raised bed in blue -- similar to Day 1's gift. 

And YES, the matching crocheted top to yesterday's gift from Salt and Pepper was indeed in today's tree. SO CUTE.  

Black and white print heels at the Black Bird Lace store. 

Worth the wait, this cute violet dress is out at Entice.  Perfect for redheads. 

Today's gift from WellMade is a cute sweater dress. Beware though; there is no back to the dress :D so only brave girls will be wering.   Today's 7DS tone for Hope is "snow" which is the lightest tone and includes appliers and a version with lipstick. For the guys, it is the "smoked" applier -- with and without brows which is nice.   Entice has a cute looking dress, but the demo was put in by mistake. The owner has been notified and the CSR said that it is likely today's dress will also be put in tomorrow's gift pack. WoW has a medium light toned skin with dark eyebrows and red lipstick.    

As always - find the SLURLs in THIS POST

Poses by: Beehive, aDORKable, Torridwear


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