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Second Life Advent - Day 10

Deco was indeed the star of the day or days as it might be -- but FIRST --KILLER SHORTS.   

From -[ vagrant ]- the Chloe shorts with hud for many parts including ANIMATED sequins.

This cute train set including fir trees is Day 9's gift from Baboom. You can pick up previous gifts any time. It weighs in at 10 land impact plus one more prim if you want particles and sound.

More for your home includes a Tray w Mug & Candles from  [ zerkalo ], a really lovely minimalist wreath from Minimal (fitting :D) and a Holiday Deco Tree from Baboon for Day 6.  There is a pretty holiday sweater in Baboom's tree for Day 7 but only for Legacy. 

7DS tones are Hazel for Eryo and Caramel (very close to Butter) for Hope. There is an extra applier skin for the gals.

WOW has glitter eyeliners. 

SLURLs are listed here:


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