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52 Colors - Week 4 Banana

I really was dreading the appearance of yellow -- pale yellow especially. That is one thing I am pretty sure is missing in my inventory.  I am writing this obviously BEFORE I come up with my styling for week 4; some hard shopping may be in order.  

I had to smile when I looked at my post from long ago. I don't really remember what I was wearing; many times I do.   But tints are not my choice when buying or saving things LOL.  I either like neutrals or bright colors. Patterns are often my choice when faced with a giant hud of options.   

I starting typing on this post early because December is always eight hour SL days and I decided to look back.   I really had a great laugh. I went to see what color Luna  considered "banana" and found this photo on Luna's Flickr which underscores the difficulty that SHE must have had also.  That really made me feel better. 

So wish me luck.  


Chandra came to my rescue once more. I found this lovely harem dance set in the very bottom of my "deviousMind" file folder. I was so happy I could dance. And dance I did. 

PS. I have seen this color around on the grid so unlike another color that completely baffled me (but I tamed it in the end) some shopping may be called for.  I bet the fairy-folks and the lingerie collectors will have an easy time of this :D. 

Fingers crossed. 

!dM Nite&Daey - LARA HaremPants **VANILLA**
!dM Nite&Daey - LARA CoinBelt **VANILLA**
!dM Nite&Daey - LARA CoinBra **VANILLA**


Photo taken at Q8  Royal Q8

This is the official path to the challenge.

Pose by: Behavior Body


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