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The Cosmo Christmas tree is pretty much a tradition in Second Life. I am not sure how many years it has been part of the holiday season, but many.  As usual there were plenty of lovely presents, but I will say that the Home and Garden folks really outdid themselves in mass. So if you have a house or are planning on having one some day, you don't want to miss this event. 

Also as always, getting the gifts is a bit tricky.  It is easy to get the same gift a few times AND many gifts are buried within the alpha layers of the tree so clicking becomes very difficult if not impossible.  I improved my method this year and it worked perfectly. I went over every day so not to get too overwhelmed with the bounty of goodness. I derendered the tree so that I could see the stockings as well as click on them easily. Then I clicked on a stocking and after getting the gift, derendered and BLACKLISTED each stocking. By the time I left the tree each day, there were no gift givers that I could see.  That way everything that appeared the next day -- or two days down the road -- would be new. 

I picked out just a few of the many items to show you.


Deep Static Delia Holiday Glasses 2020
CLOCKHAUS - LaLa  Joggers 
NaaNaa's Cozy Socks Lara [Fatpack]with hud
A R T E - Fiore Eyebrows vs. 2


.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Kara Hoodie - Grey (not a gift)

And my favorite of many lovely decor items -- Never Totally Dead The Old Wooden Horse -- 2li with gorgeous textures. 

Pose by: west end


Oona said…
Genius on the Blacklist! I have tried waiting to the last day, but get to excited.
Thanks for all your great blogging, you often make my day/

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