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Styling the Stilt Homes

Judging by this forum thread, the one story Havana seems to be the winner in the stilt home wars.  Not terribly surprising, this home has tons of style and is small enough to make all those land impact point go far. 

Happily I had the opportunity to style a house for a friend of mine. I took my time and three days later I was done. Still plenty of "prims" to spare, I wasn't careful with high land impact items (one bed is 14, some plants are in the high range also) and I didn't bother linking items to gain extra points.  The owner may want to add a bit more of his own clutter, but really it is extremely livable as is.

I spent plenty of my prims on flora, filling in the tall stick area with plants that married the house to the earth.  The Havana has three deck areas and really no need for exterior add-ons.  Palm trees add buffers from the one close neighbor with less than stellar taste (oh my) and gives a privacy not often felt in community areas.

The central main room is divided visually into a small kitchen and dining area, a living space and a work area with an owner built bathroom addition in one corner. 

The side rooms became bedrooms, one for the owner and another for any guests that might wander by. 

If you missed out on the first wave of stilt homes, more will be coming available at the beginning of the year. 


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