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Shop and Hop Winter 2020

It's that time again. Shop and Hop opens today.  With nine sims to wander there is bound to be something you just can't live without.  And there are gifts as well as bargains -- like a lovely collection of holiday boxes from {what next}!

My personal favorite gift is this Fondle Dress in magenta from toksik. I just feel so very ALIVE when I put it on. Do you hear that salsa music playing?  I do!

Along with regular gifts and shopping there are several stores with store credit presents.  I love this sweater from Tachinni clothing. It is called the Vanesa Dress, but "I" am calling it a sweater :D.  It can be yours simply by clicking a poster at Tachinni to claim a store balance. Try the demo; pick your color. Super simple.  If you want to join the store group, there is a hefty bonus credit to be gathered.  I plan on getting three more colors of this lovely item. 

Along with clothing and home and garden, animesh and housing there are accessories.  My favorite is this oversized scarf, a gift from ::K:: . The pack contains both rigged and resizeable versions. I made mine smaller.  You can also play a gacha machine to get more colors -- both plains and plaid.  Chose from the male or female machine.   I won a very useful black solid and a pretty tan with blue plaid. Definitely both stylish and warm.

North Pole sign - a gifr from ACORN

Home and Garden shines at the event with plenty of pretty items to buy and gather for your home. These are some of my favorite gifts. 

Simply Shelby snowflake wreath, CHEZ MOI Ladder Xmas Decor,{ wren's nest } kissy Gift!, Laminak - Twinkle On A Star - Dark Wood, MadPea Candle Holder House, Holiday Vase Set from ChiC buildings,  MINIMAL - Holiday Shop & Hop Gift (chair), .peaches. Lightup Christmas Tree -  Red (large)

For those of you on a prim budget, don't miss this darling little (not tiny, just little) *KKH* CHRISTMAS TREE TEALIGHT HOLDER WHITE WOOD at KERENSA HOME. Sorry no landmark; keep your eye out; they may have disappeared from the event.  

Note that while many merchants have gifts out - some in official present boxes and others in their own vendors -- presents were not a requirement as in the past. So if you can't find a gift, it is most likely because there is not one from that merchant :D.  

Now that there are overflow areas both north and south of each region, getting in should be fairly simple even at the beginning.  But of course as with all busy locations caution is advised.  DRESS SIMPLY. 

Be kind to your fellow shoppers and leave animesh pets, scripted items and dense mesh accessories at home. 

Turn your jellydoll setting to a low number or derender anyone "nearby" upon entering a new area. 

Be SURE you want to buy something before you click on it. Lag can be tricky so paying attention is called for.  

Remember to landmark stores of interest so that you can return easily when the shopping is lag free. 

Have fun!

Poses by: SEMotion, [vogue]


Ryan Schultz said…
Thank you, Chic! I hope to fight my way into the SHop and Hop sims later today.

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