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Christmas 2020 - Lonely Halls

My impromptu "come as you are" photo suggested my title. I suspect that there are many people out there remembering happier holidays with lots of noise and laughter and giggles from little girls getting their pigtails pulled -- a Normal Rockwell picture postcard of our lives.  

But that's not this year. 

My plans went astray when my "bubble person" wrote that he didn't think he was up enough to come into town. Now neither of us are family folks. We are both only children with no ties any longer, so for either of us to feel down pretty much indicates where we are as a country.  

Some people are of course not following mandates and are celebrating Christmas as usual. I won't comment on that. Anyone who knows me in the least will already know my point of view.  But for those of us trying to do the best thing for all of us, it can be very quiet in those halls.  

Pupusas were on the menu for dinner this eve -- and they still will be. The cabbage and carrot pickle is doing its pickling thing in the fridge. I have a tiny bit of organic (who knew there was organic) masa harina  measured out in a bowl awaiting some mixing and messy patty making.  It will be super tasty -- or not, but I refuse to let 2020 get me TOO down.  We make our choices and do our best.  

And I will be saving the leftovers for my bubble person.  Tomorrow is another day.  

Pose by: aDORKable


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