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And the New Linden Home Theme Is --

Well "I" would call it Tudor or Modernized Tudor, but I am guessing there is an actual European term for this style.  The houses have lots of detail and plenty of windows.  Both one story and two story are available.

The thing that impressed me most about these homes is that they seem to look differently depending on the angle.  Ones that appear small from the front are actually large; ones that would appear to be large are relatively small when inspected.   A mystery.

This just in at 1 pm from a reader who I appreciate very much :D.

"The homes are called Chalets.  Patch also said that there would be 4 more styles released with this theme, with floor plans that are more open."

Come find your favorite new home. 


HazelHanna said…
The european term for this style of houses is "Fachwerkhaus" (timbered house). It`s very common in Germany, Swiss (where it`s called "Riegelhaus") and also in Austria. The new Linden homes look like a mix between old-fashioned and modern timbered houses. That`s just my opinion, of course!

Best wishes from Austria,
HazelHanna Resident

Bannod said…
Patch said they are based on the homes in Helen, Georgia. More of a Bavarian style.

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