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52 Colors - Week 3 Khaki

It is week three on our journey though the color wheel -- with some unlikely colors courtesy of Luna Jubilee's challenge a decade ago. 

This week's familiar color was number 47 back in 2011, khaki.  

Pantone lists khaki as #a18f5e and presenting itself like this:

But looking through the color charts for khaki on Google it is easy to see that our PERCEPTION of khaki is extremely varied.   So your version of khaki might not be the same as mine.  For "me" it is a bit more green in that army look, for you it might be darker or more beige.  So don't worry too much about matching Pantone's example -- unless of course that is your challenge to yourself.

While these beautifully crafted ragged overalls from adorsy (Stalia)  come in oh so many colors, there was a almost perfect match for Pantone's vision of khaki, so I went with that. Overalls, work, farm, strong summer early morning light -- it's all about the picture. Well SOMETIMES it is about the color in the picture :D.

*LACUNA* Camille Gingham (applier bra top)

Location: Sol Farm

This EEP sky will be added to the free skies available in the art gallery. 

This is the official path to the challenge.


Poses by: aDORKable and vogue


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