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Looking Back - Thirteen Years

Today is my thirteenth rez day. Do I know who I am yet?  

Sometime the answer is yes and other times I wonder.   Born on New Years Eve day sometime around 10 AM I am not the product of boredom or lack of a date.  So in some ways I was a "planned" pregnancy; a plus I think.   

It is odd when you look back at a life -- virtual or corporeal; it seems like the little things are more clear than the big events.  I cannot remember much of my virtual birth for example. I think there was a gauntlet you needed to complete; something about finding a torch in the inventory and wearing it. A map, a pie shaped area with different colors?  Yep, pretty much a blur.  

I somehow found Calla and Sn@tch and Jill in a Box and put myself together in a pleasing manner for the day.  Camping for hair and playing trivia for linden dollars, I washed floors,  danced, played pinball and just sat in the sand  -- on a good day at the 3 lindens for 10 minute rate. Competition was definitely in evidence and garnering a great spot was often the high point of the day.

About a month after popping out of my virtual pod I was asked to join a blogger team. When that blog closed due to some Linden Lab marketing rules that were eventually ignored, I started my own blog and for awhile participated at as a community blogger.  

Back then -- and maybe still today -- the big question on the minds of new folks was age. One evening when I was living in Winterfell's steampunk area a new person freshly dumped into our region on sign up asked me pointedly how old I was. My answer? "I am three."  And that put an end to the conversation.  Now, I could say, "I am thirteen" -- and that would be even more confusing. 

There have been good times and bad of course. I loved making things -- sculpt jewelry, texture clothing, prim houses and  eventually MESH. The learning curve was tortuous but perseverance had its rewards. 

Once my computer could handle the process  machinima became a love with  almost a hundred films and tutorials as byproducts. Along the way the Machinima Open Studio Project was born and then asked to stay permanently at LEA.  I loved my years at MOSP but it wasn't always a painless process; politics and I are not great bedfellows. Still,  plenty of memories. 

What will year thirteen bring?   With no plans in sight it is a question.   Retired except for product support and answering questions when possible, the days can be lazy.  So, judging by both my virtual and "real" lives it is likely there will be SOME sort of project for the new year. Meanwhile those 52 weeks of color planning keep me on my toes.   

Wishing you all thirteen years or more of memories ------

Pose by: Everglow


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