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Aspen in the Snow

Prism Haute Couture Clothing Run has put out a super cute winter outfit - not a big surprise as Journey is great with the details. It's free for 24 hours. Find it on a large vendor up by the models. I'm looking forward to the snow season at Phil's Place if not in my other life. So much warmer and just as pretty. There is a matching green print muffler with the set but since it was too big and no mod I left it off. Plenty cute without it.

So, anxious to try out my new look, I went in search of some skiing. I ended up at Wolf Creek a the Wolf Mountain Ski Resort which was TONS of fun. Not only that, I got these really cute ski boots and poles for free. The ski garb is at the top of the ski lift. Just follow the big sign - visible from the landing point - and then hop on the lift. A fun ride gets you to the top and the free boots. THERE IS A SIZE FOR GUYS TOO! So take your honey with ya. The boots come with leggings as well as wool sock (not shown).

Getting down the run is just as much fun. Any static pose will do. Just use your cursor keys! WHEEEEEEE!

Hair by Exxess, Top shoes by Tesla, Poses by LAP.


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