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Tattoo Hunt @ moloko

How many creepy crawly black spiders can you find? Well if you are a tattoo fiend, you'll want to spend some time at moloko - and urban grunge neko establishment :D There's a hunt going on and black spiders of various sizes hold the prizes.

There are 10 free UNISEX prizes all. I think I found about five. There are some very cool -- in an urban grunge sort of way -- decorations to peruse while looking and lots of interesting accessories and the like if you are in a buying mood.

There are single tattoos and packs of them and in spider number one there is a full body bloody tattoo which seems like it just might come in handy SOMETIME. You just never know!

If this is your cup of tea, you'll love it.

Hair by House of Heart, jeans by Adam 'n Eve, Poses by LAP.


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