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Last of the Pumpkins

Deviant Kitties is having a hunt. You may have heard. I went over to take a look and while I really love the goggles I found (I so love goggles it seems), I do have to say that this is a DIFFICULT hunt. The pumpkins are tiny and after 45 minutes I had found three. So, I can't show you the whole outfit as I didn't find it, but I hear there are some great boots in the mix.

BUT there are some nice gifts just out in boxes including these HUGE but very cute (some of you like huge I know - wink) boots with lots of detail. They are mod but don't shrink down. They likely fit guys too? Good chance. Also in the freebies is this cute little Rufus with hold animation.

Also starting today there is a hunt at both Bewitched and House of Heart. Larger pumpkins (but not big) and easier to find -- for me anyway. Some are $0 and some are dollarbies. This was my favorite hair of the HOH group. I have this already in reds so nice to have a different color.

Poses by LAP, skirt by Samara Studios. Location? Samara Studios new courtyard where I just set up a shop. I ramble around a lot from place to place, but the main shop stays put -- for now anyway.


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