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Seldom Blue

Seldom Blue has the hottest limited time offer on the street this afternoon -- IMHO. This is the new Petra gown in red. It comes in a variety of luscious colors, but this one is FREE right now. So get over there (wink). It comes with undies also but Phil's hardware and software are preventing me from showing you. I at least got these photos. And if you have to be stuck in something, this isn't a bad thing to be stuck in (big wink).

Be alerted that all the texture parts including pants are marked with a shirt icon. This was confusing to me as I thought I was missing parts. If you read the descriptions however, you will work it out.

Poses by Vain and Ana_mations. Hair by Miss B.

Edit: Here is a picture including the overskirt which I couldn't get to rez before. Honestly I think they both work depending on the occasion :D. Still this is a better representation of what the designer intended I suspect.


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