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Halloween Skins Keep on Coming!

It is so much fun to have so many choices of looks this holiday. Just out last night, SLink has three new specialty skins in its lucky chair. I spent some time there at the watch party last eve and got this bruised doll skin right away. Extra time didn't get me ghoul or batty however. The chair changes every 5 minutes, so stop by and check for your letter. This comes with a brow shaper.

And PXL gave out a new pale skin with mask to its group members as a picks prize. Linda with blade makeup is definitely an eye catcher :D

And of course there is Tuli's gift of last eve which came in two skin tones and with and without Halloween web. I love the lipstick :D I think this is my favorite of all the Tuli skins so far (wink).

Shown with Wild Woman hair by Mia Snow (lucky chair) and Tekeli-li! earrings.


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