Ghost Busters: Over a Hundred

So here I am in the backyard - so to speak - of *katat0nik* who is number 103. I got stuck towards the end but hope that my mentor can bail me out and that I can finish ALL the great places on this hunt. Meanwhile, here is the offering from a very popular store. Now *katat0nik* is not my personal style. We all have one and it is often an extremely personal thing. STILL, I can't help but applaud the work and the creativity that goes into these designs. They are indeed lovely! This outfit even came with the short boots (very cute). As I am busily typing this at her shop, there is a NEW RELEASE just out. Crowds are coming in and excitement is in the air. FUN!

Shown with hair by Truth (the guys hair is quite cute also and unisex), skin by Pididdle - both from the hunt and another Vain pose :D