Thursday's News

Well this isn't hot off the presses but still of note :D

REBEL XTRAVAGANZA has a darling outfit in its lucky chair. I made several trips over there today and finally scored this eve. The outfit comes complete with hoodie and hair (a combo) OR if you have some favorite short hair of your own, it comes with JUST the hood. The pieces will be great for mixing and matching and the socks are outstanding. The sweater can work without the hood too. While you are at the shop, look at the free necklaces by the door. I got the crossed bone one and it is very cute. Now is a good time to go as there is a watch going on. Lots of folks there :D And you'll have time to peruse the goods for sale while you are waiting for an elusive "Q" to appear.

And in other news Rockberry gave out some lovely skins to the update group. I haven't tried them yet, but this is the natural color and it looks simply gorgeous!

The Ghost Buster's Hunt will be starting very soon -- testing in progress as I type this. I'll be reporting of course, but I thought you might want to know what Love Chic has inside the ghost at the shop.

I'd already made these even before I saw how popular the copper and brass dollarbie version is. So I suspect this model in cool silvers will be liked as well. A set of two is included. The shop is small so finding our bad, bad ghost should be very easy. Enjoy!