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Witchy Chic

I have an eclectic mix of goodies to tell you about this eve. First off thanks so much to Gabby Panacek for posting about the Callie Cline broom. It is SO cool. I have been a Cal Gal a couple of times, but I have to admit the constant chatter does me in and so I leave. I will no doubt come back into the fold again, but I didn't KNOW and I SO LOVE this broom. It has a great pose albeit a bit "off" for the six foot me and the flexi broom tails are fantastic. Find it in a box not far from the entrance.

Next we have some new boots from Samara Studios in the shoe store. Nope, not free but $25 instead of $295 so that is a big discount. They are Halloween specials of course and go very nicely with the $25 outfit I blogged from there last week (worn in picture).

The hair is yet another great freebie from Hairspray 2 (see previous post). And the PLACE? If you haven't been to new Trails, you simply must come. It is so lovely. It's a long story how I got here but the photo-shoot possibilities are fantastic and there is a lucky board. No, not fashion but some cool things including those pumpkins in the background.

This is the setting for the lucky board. You hardly mind waiting at all here. I won three giant crystals with particles. Very pretty. They are transfer so if you don't need all of them, you can give away the others for presents. The pumpkin set comes with individual pumpkins as well as a ready-made grouping which is so cute. These are mod - copy. I know that as a friend won TWO sets - LOL. Oh well. I don't have enough prims in any of my shops for decorations anyway.

The SLURL to the lucky board is
I just noticed when looking on the map that this is a huge area of two or more sims. I'll have to do some more exploring. Soon.

PS: Here is one of the crystals I won. VERY pretty.


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