Ghost Busters: Here we go!

This is one of several very nice poses by VAIN from the start of the hunt. I am wearing a tee by Vette's Boutique, Skin by Minnu (not easy to find -no camming), scarf and beret by Nova and hair by HOH (not in hunt).


Well I of course had a plan. And of course it went astray. Beat the hoards and the lag by starting at MY shop and work around to the end and THEN start at the beginning. That seemed prudent. Well it was to a point. Long story but I ended up at the beginning in the end - LOL. Here are a few things (no LM - you'll have to hunt for them yourself as part of the fun) that I especially liked. I think I am about a quarter through the hunt.


This is another VAIN pose, outfit by Frozen Turquoise Valentine, boots by She's So Unusual, Halloween skin by colorskin (ghost behind wall - tisk). The lizard on the top spans the back too. Cute!

This super cute statement making hairdo comes from IROLLIC, the top from Cupcakes and the exquisite but way too fragile to SEE necklace and earrings from Aluinn (if I remember correctly this was a smaller ghost than most :D).

The jeans, "don't label me" top and cute bandanna are from Ibizarre. The bracelets that you can't see too well are from [spork] and have red jewels on a black band. The bracelets are only part of the [spork] gift pack.

  • Retox had some nice shirts mostly for the guys as well as other goodies.
  • Tea Lane has a HUGE collection of skins, clothes, shoes, accessories and some DARLING hats in their gift -- too much to show really.
  • There are several non clothing items of course including a lovely large gazebo, a bed, some colored lanterns and a cool tarot table (actually two) from Schadenfreude.

I also found a few great photo ops, some $30 black buckle boots I'm going to go back and revisit and some impressive builds. It was MUCH fun to find some stores I had never heard of before. So it was a fun three hours and I look forward to going back tomorrow.

Meanwhile, while I have more for show and tell, I am in "can't change clothes" mode so will quit while I still have some clothes on and catch up with ya tomorrow.