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Ghost Busters: Tableau

Ghost Busters is more than just hunting. I am finding some fantastic places to explore. I love Tableau! It took me awhile to find the ghost (silly me) but I didn't care -- there was so much to see. It is VERY laggy there right now, but in the very early morning it was fantastic. So many exciting photo ops and gorgeous textures.

So I am still in my Lazy Places boots (yes, I am sure I will take them off eventually) but added some new items from ghost numbers down the line. The Halloween witch with class dress complete with socks and hat is from Flunky, bangles from Ephemeral Creations, animated hair from Mia Snow (like you couldn't tell!) and the sparkler from Tableau Shopping.

Onward with my RL day, but I'll be back to explore some more soon. Have fun having fun guys.


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