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Vanity Universe - GLAM

Up in the night, I ventured over to Vanity Universe to wander around the Expo. Quiet in the darkness, I took my time and explored. This is a great place to get a taste of the different designers, and I admit there were some names I didn't recognize. All good!

My personal rule on this trip was not to buy all of the myriad of dollarbies, $5 and $10 specials and the like. My second rule was not to buy sight unseen grab bags. Now this no doubt means that I missed a LOT of GREAT stuff. But it is also a given that my wardrobe overfloweth -- what with my hunting and gathering to blog and the lovely gifts from designers. So it's not like I actually needed anything (well there is still that black buckle boot problem - wink).

But even within those rules I can give you a sampling of the the wealth of talent of the designers in the show. If these are their freebies, imagine how lovely their regular merchandise is.

Of the items shown here, the only one I paid for was the Glam Warrior by Lemania Indigo which you can ONLY get at the expo. That was a show stopper (wink). $1 Linden :D


#1 Glam Warrior skin, hat and skirt by Lemania Indigo.
#2 SLC - Serina Lacava Collection
#3 Top: Babe - Fly Jeans: L. K. Design (Shoes by Juicy)
#4 Haute Style & Co (Shoes by Adam 'n Eve)

Hair by Exxess, Poses by LAP.


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