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Diversity SKIN Hunt

Diversity Hair (now Diversity Hair / AD Designs) has a brand new store! They now have SKINS as well as with the usual hair and clothing. To celebrate this new build, they are holding a 48 hour hunt where 15 skins are hidden around the NEW Store , that's 3 different skins in 5 tones, two are themed skins and one is the natural make up skin.

You are looking for SMALL BRIGHT YELLOW stars with black eyes. While they are small they are so brilliantly yellow that you can see them from far away. That was a good thing as I was there in the middle of the lag (down to my shorts, shirt and shoes sans hair) and the lag was WAY bad. Not the stores fault -- just all the decked out people. I am talking MEGAPRIM city (wink).

Eventually I moved far enough to get an assortment to show you and they are definitely nice. I especially like the DARK skins and the star burst eye make up is a winner with me too. The skin tone range is vast from almost white to this very chocolaty color. So there is likely a version for you. One style of skin is "everyday" without any specialty makeup.

The hunt lasts for 48 hours so you have plenty of time to get there and explore. I am wearing BRAT from their hair department. I am not sure if this is new, but I didn't recognize it, so perhaps. If you want to get any of their 1 Linden hair, you need to click on the small MEGA portion of the vendor. Something happened and things (at least when I was there) weren't working quite as they should.


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