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Ghost Busters: Lazy Places

I decided after viewing my last blog that I had gone over to the dark side - LOL. Too much "gather" and not enough beauty. So, tonight I went out again -- still in gather mode -- but with a better purpose.

First stop Lazy Places which I have always loved. I was SO surprised with the new build. Evidently I hadn't been there in awhile or this is new for Halloween? Not sure. Anyway their Ghost Buster ghost has some FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!! boots with resize scripts so good for guys and gals I am guessing. How cool is that.

Now the trick was to find some other Ghost Buster things -- hopefully in the places after Lazy Places -- to make a cool outfit.

And I did it. I'm so proud. Now I cheated just a bit and used some of my own black pants and gold halter as underthings, but most everyone has something that would work with this.

Most of all I got to take some cool photos at Lazy Places.

Here is the scoop on other things shown in this post. The very cool jacket is by LeeZu Baxter Designs and the Ghost Buster hat (small logo on the beanie) is by Lookr. Now that beanie was VERY VERY hard to find. So I'm going to give you a hint. There are actually pictorial instructions how to find the ghost at Lookr. Find them on the counter near the entrance. You will NEVER find it without those instructions. And if you aren't a good cammer (or crawler) the next stop on the Ghost tour is Haute Style and Co in Opium. (big wink).


Dawn said…

I'm happy you liked the boots and the new build!

We did a remodel about a month ago, decided that the urban look didn't fit us anymore and went with a more creepy swamp type build. We love it!
Chic Aeon said…
Absolutely love them both. Will be back for sure. I took a LOT of photos at your old build, this new one offers endless possibilities (big wink). THANKS SO MUCH!

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