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The Magic of Oz

I was invited to the preview party of the new Oz sim -- happening now actually, but we all know I am a photographer first and a participant second (wink).

The sim is indeed lovely with fantastic textures and a liberal use of sculpties. The photo ops are endless.

There are shops here too which I didn't realize and a club or two in the works. So, lots to see and do when it opens. Keep your eye out. I think it is SOON. Here is a landmark for when it is open to the public.

Here are a sampling of the vistas to be found:

Dress by Ethereal Pixels.


Candy said…
Gorgeous pictures, Chic! You make it look so easy *sighs*

Magic of Oz opens tomorrow (Friday Oct.3rd) at 9 AM SLT. We have a Find the Slippers hunt that has some fantastic exclusive prizes from designers like Silent Sparrow, Stringer Mauseoleum, Long Awkward Pose, Miriel, and lots more. We are pretty excited and hope people will stop by :)
Chic Aeon said…
So fun. I was just getting ready to blog that. Heard about it from one of your vendors. I'll be there but I am not a very good hunter (wink). Still I enjoy it all. Lovely sim. Best of success.

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