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Halloween Gifts Galore

Liberty Fashion has the cutest (well at least VERY original and I seem to love it) Halloween outfit for free. It has a super cape that flows nicely and has a very tall collar a la Bella Lugosi. You can detach the pumpkin head and wear hair of course and there are TONS of possibilities with accessories. Find it right at the entrance to the store. In case you can't tell, that's me on the left.

Vanity body has a great wicked witch skin for you for free. A fun way to bring out the hidden ghoul inside. LOL. [Pose by Torridwear.]

AND while you are there, pick up this very cute dress very close to the skin. The hot pink eyes are included in the outfit. [Pose by LAP]

DaneMarkZ is having a hunt at her store through the month. Look for the mini pumpkins inside the store and in the yard. There is a notecard vendor at the store entrance with all the info. The pumpkins are tiny, but the shop is fairly small, so that all works :D I found five. My lounging in the yard outfit above shows you the pumpkin jeans, pumpkin shoes, pumpkin top and belt (came with a longish skirt too) and some cool nylons. I also found some animated eyes (LOL) and another pair of nylons. Happy hunting.


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