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117 Prims and Luxury

No, my new belt from WoE isn't really 117 prims. This is actually a post on low prim furniture. I am a sneaky gal though and I have a least one feed that thinks I only do fashion. So we are starting this lengthy post with just that -- new duds and hair.

My top is one of the new Nomi Jean dresses from WoE. I used the undies to tuck into my Miseria jeans (I so love that sock extension) and left off the prim skirt. The dresses come in a variety of mixed colors. The pattern is somewhere between distressed and watercolor. I am wearing the prim edging that includes a bust prim piece -- the first I have seen or tried. It gives the effect of fabric stretching across your breasts and it works great for me of tiny boobs. I am not sure how well it would work for the DD gals, but there is a prim part sans the stretch panel so everyone should be safely covered. The detailing on the belt is simply gorgeous.

Happily I included my new gloves from Paradisis and some cute new hair from Alli&Ali in the outfit of the eve. A blond version of this hair is the voting present and a ruby version is a dollarbie on the marketplace. This concludes the fashion portion of our post.

The house and garden news is this low prim furniture from --- LOW PRIM FURNITURE. OK, one more time -- it is really Low in Prims for Furniture and you can buy it at PrimSavers! Texture change, fully mod, nice animations and -- drumroll please -- one and two prims per piece. That is not a typo, even the couch is only two prims. The couch, loveseat and chair are each two prims. The darling tables with drop sections in the middle and very fancy legs are one prim. The tall lamp in the back is also one prim.

The sculpt work is pretty amazing. The designer, Floyd Mistwalker, bills this FARAH Livingroom Set as the "Best low prim livingroom in SL bar none" (yep that is the name on the folder). I am admittedly a tough judge as well as a simple blogger, not an expert on all things furniture; still, he may have a fair claim. I am impressed. There are twelve different textures to choose from; the couch and loveseat will hold multiple avatars.

The set includes an extra matching chair (not shown) as well as this bookcase.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

Other newness in this decor styling includes the wall decal in the book area, the vintage Playboy magazine and the small triple photos (hunt item), all from [croire].

The striking abstract painting is from [.:F&D:.] Furniture & Design. I won it on a lucky board, but you can also buy it at an extremely reasonable price.The rug is a new release from Prime and is both texture change and shape changing. LOTS of variations. Books and plants are from Garden of Dreams. Other accessories from The Loft, Fancy That and  stores no longer in business.

Like my new poses? They are from the Kalli set just out from Diesel Works. So many of them fit me, I am in heaven.

I have thirty more posts to reach 1800 and about as many days. My goal it to hit 1800 on my rez day which is also the last day of 2010. So posts may be longer and I may take an extra day off from time to time. Well see how my timing works out.

Style Notes: 

Hair: A&A Beliza Hair 3
Skin: []::Tuli::[] The Dressing Room :: Gina 04
Clothing: :. WoE .: Nomi Jean Dress Mud; [Miseria] Delirium Jeans - Coal 2; PARADISIS Nanasa : Gloves brown
Shoes: Bang Bang - Stingray leather gaiter booties brown
Accessories: *Ticky Tacky* My Girl Likes to Grapple Earrings - Silver

Poses by: Diesel Works


Anonymous said…
you used the paisley decal so nicely! thanks so much.

- emily kaestner

blogroll? :)
Asia said…
Great post, I have been looking for some stylish low prim furniture- I am prim poor at the moment :) Thanks!
Nissa Nightfire said…
ooooh... nice find on the furniture... I'll definitely have to check them out~
Jennaa Loire said…
Awesome post! It's really hard to find super low prim furniture that looks amazing, thanks for sharing! :)

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