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I have to admit that watching so many stores in trouble and closing gets me down.  Things are tough out there, in both worlds. We do what we need to do to keep on. Amidst the good-byes, there are some hellos. New kids on the block trying their hands at creating in an alternate reality.

These striking tattoo layer makeups are from [a.e.meth], The top photo is Daughter of the North and the shot to the right is from the  Dramatic Paint Stripe series.

Here are the designer's thoughts from the notecard.

Included in this pack are tintable stripe tattoo layers for both sides of the face, along with various combinations of stripes together so you can save room for your favorite liner and lipstick.

How do you wear this? I suggest the magic rule of three stripes on your face; it provides balance and enough interest. Base the dominant stripe color on your outfit, and leave one stripe as your "statement" color. Don't put on everything at once because only a few people can pull that off.  Enjoy!

My current viewer doesn't layer tattoos but I am a minimalist so this works just fine for me.

I TPed over to the shop to find a very cute and eclectic place on the beach. Crowded with goodies including dollarbies and gatcha machines, it looks like you can sample the items I have shown you without damaging you linden balance much at all!

You can peruse the art while you shop for makeup. I have one favorite which I hope to add to a decor styling sometimes soon. Who knows, maybe tomorrow. More on that -- well, tomorrow.

And for those of you wondering about the results of my photo methods post, the jury was pretty much hung. So I have decided to just keep on in my normal mode. After all, these are blog photos and not ads for national magazines (been there done that, don't want to go back) :D.

Style Notes:

Tuli Jade skin, Amacci Jupiter eyes and my free lashes from long, long ago.


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