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My Two Cents

I  must be feeling a little feisty tonight as too many thing are rubbing me the wrong way.

*At least one hunt is specifying that bloggers MUST blog all items sent to them as well as additional items sent from retailers in the hunt. They didn't get many takers.

*At least one hunt is asking that vendors "pay" the bloggers for blogging their hunt items with additional gift cards or other recompense.

Hopefully bloggers are doing their thing because it IS their thing. They enjoy taking pictures and seeing themselves in different outfits. Some enjoy hunting. Some enjoy shopping. We don't need COMMITMENTS and we don't need PAY. If we aren't doing what we love doing, we simply shouldn't be doing it and we don't need rules other than those we make ourselves.

I'm not sure how the new "there are only so many copies" theme is going aside from tons of folks trying to get in to see what the prices ACTUALLY are, but it seems to be producing a fair amount of disgruntled customers. In a time a bad economy there is desperation and new marketing schemes are needed. But the large majority of folks (here's hoping) are not sheep. They are smart enough to realize that paying four or five times the normal "non sale" price (and there aren't that many of those these days) is absurd. That's the word amongst the masses. I am staying out of the fray. I haven't bought designer for a long time in real life so I am definitely not  in the "I must have one of these" crowd. :D.

Here is my plan.

Feature things that are high quality, creative, original and worthwhile.
Do the best job you can and enjoy every minute of the process.
Leave the drama and the "gottas" behind.


Hear hear

By turning Vent du Sud into somewhere I have FUN building again, and offering all the decor for a token 1L, I have never, *ever* had so much fun. Ever.

Nor more dramas about being included in hunts, in sims, on blogs, just the pleasure of making stuff and sharing rather than fighting to get in with the cool kids.

Yes, I know I'm fortunate to be able to budget the tier.

And to the person who said 'but this isn't fair to other designers' my response was 'nobody is forcing you to shop here'. She did, though... LOL
As a blogger, I show what I like, even if it was sent to me but when it starts feeling like an obligation, thats when I stop. I dont get paid for my "hobby", nor does it give me entitlement to anything else. Also, retailers will try every gimmick to make a sale these days, it's really getting repedative in sl but it's their choice of marketing. Dont get me wrong, I love good sale as the next jane, but I dont hesitate on buying good quality items at regular price. Featuring nice affordable things, not because it was "super cheap".
Nissa Nightfire said…
i'm with you ... even some of the less onerous rules are a little too much for me... the motives are often good, but just not very realistic for bloggers. I really hope that 111 thing works out for the designers ... I can't help but think (from some of the offerings I've seen) that they could have made far more money by just selling in the normal fashion (altho' maybe it would have taken a bit longer). Btw, Ariadne -- I love what you're doing with your business ... bold but sounds like the perfect thing for a happy second life :)

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