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Is this an outfit? Well most anything CAN be an outfit. Coordination wasn't what I was going for as I tried on my hunt booty, but somehow this works -- in an Urban Steam sort of way. So perhaps in some reality I am a trend setter!

I have been out doing a bit of diamond mining. You most likely have seen the CheerNo zebra pants from the Diamond Is Mine hunt. I won't be showing you those, but I did find them. Since I have the matching jacket, I can go REALLY wild sometime. Instead, here are a few of my favorites that haven't seen so much press.

My  Les Temps de Glamour Mini-TopHat Headband is the gift from Fluid Furniture.  It is hair friendly or at least more hair friendly than many toppers, so finding an appropriate hairstyle shouldn't be a problem.

My brown Celtic bracelet hales from n-creation, a shop I hadn't visited in ages. Still there. Still great. Yeah! This is designed for guys but resizes down just fine for gals -- at least the bigger forms of the female persuasion.

My face tattoo is one of four colors for gals from White Widow.  There is a pack for the guys also. 

The Thick Woollen Dress from Hyper Culture has all the layer options you'll need to add your favorite leggings or a jacket. You can even tuck the top into low rider jeans with ease.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

Poses by:EverGlow


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