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All that Glitters

A very quick post as I just received these earrings and they are only on special today. This is part of a fashion group that you have to join -- or perhaps you need to join just to get the list? You know I am not big on "joining", but in case you are, hop on over to Finesmith Designs and look for the pink sign.  The notecard that came with the earrings says that they are on sale from 7 AM to 7 AM. Well, that is unlikely *wink*, so I am guessing that  you have until 7 PM anyway. And, if you are not a joiner, the notecard also says that these are part of regular stock, so you can pick them up later, maybe.

While I am not a great dispenser of intel on these earrings (/me shakes head in wonder), I do like them a lot and they come with a menu that let's you turn them into most any color combo you would ever need. That works for me.


Anonymous said…
Thanks. Actually I knew that :D. I am just not on a viewer that does that yet and don't want to give up the extras that it does -- and definitely not willing to go the Viewer 2 path :D. Someday we will "all" have multiple everything. Until then, I will just wait patiently. And I guess NOW would be a good time to check on a new viewer release *wink*

Thank you for you comment!

Chic posting as anon to circumvent the nasty icon I can't get rid of.

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