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Blue Collar

I have a lot of thoughts running around in my head at the moment, and while I am waiting for many RL surfaces to dry (don't ask :D) I thought some down time on The Blog would be a good calming influence.

Thought #1: If I have my timing correct, tomorrow is the beginning of BLUE week. And yes, I am a about four hours early. No surprise there.  If you didn't know about the color wheel of the year, you will as Luna's challenge has 104 blogging comments as well as, no doubt, a lot of Flickr photos.  When I think of blue, I think of jeans. I am not naturally a fan of blue, but when I had the opportunity to pick a color of the new sweater and shirt combo from MIAO, I chose blue. I'm no dummy! I plan ahead. The sweater sports an optional sculpty prim to cover your mid regions, but I opted for the sleeker look. I especially like the shirt peaking out below the sweater. Perfect working attire, it also reminds me of a schoolgirl look.

Thought #2 - I have always had a thing for workmen. What can I say, I pass up an exec every time. Maybe it's the tool belt. Ya think? Probably not. I'm guessing it is the muscles. So when my new duds arrived and were missing part of the skirt, I decided that serendipity was in play. The matching mini skirts, while very cute are not my first choice of clothing. So, jeans and sneakers and toolbelt turned into a fun photo shoot.

Thought #3: I remembered that long ago (VERY long ago) there was a store called Safety Girl. It contained all things OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) approved. I hadn't been there in many years (well almost three anyway) and I wondered if it was still around. Surprise, it was!  Now to be fair, a lot of the items for sale have been around for over four years. Yes, really. So some are a bit past their prime considering all the changes since then. There are however, some newer releases as well as tons of informational signs that of course do not go out of style. It was really great to see a store that had been around so long, still apparently viable. Yeah!

I noted that the T shirt I bought for a contest long ago was now only a buck. It is simple, of course, but still fun if you have a costume party to attend.

I am off to the Hotshot Contest tomorrow and I thought this would be a fun outfit to wear. I am a little worried about lag with all the folks that may be there so deprimming may be required. We'll see.

So this is my post brought to you by the color BLUE. I hope you enjoyed it. I certainly did.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

Style Notes: 

Hair: beer+eggs :: jane auburn
Skin: []::Tuli::[] The Dressing Room :: Gina 05
Clothing: =^^= MIAO Sapphire Emma Sweater (new); WRONG - Faded Ripped Jeans; []::Tuli::[] Shine leggings [blue] left cuff (as socks)
Shoes: MK Super Sneaks Wedge
Accessories: hO wEAr Dirty tool belt

Poses by: tram and LAP


Did I not send the prim part. I shouldn't be let out of the house sometimes, I am so sorry! However you are right it is serendipidous (ooo spelling sorry!) because you make a much nicer work-lady :) Love the post! Thank you (and when I am next inworld I'll send you a present)
Nissa Nightfire said…
nice look -- I love the tool belt. Good luck on the contest... I'm going to try to make it in, but my schedule is a little up in the air ... hope someone takes pictures! (maybe you can -- I'm sure you'll have your room done in 30 min. ;) )
Chic Aeon said…
I will definitely take some photos Nissa, although I seriously doubt I will be done early. Sometimes inspiration is with me and sometimes not. And then there is that tricky choosing of the boxes. Yikes! I will accept your good thoughts from afar. Doubt I will be chatting as I will be inventory digging and such.

And Kesseret, I did get the prim part, just not the clothing layer, but it was OK!!! as I am definitely a pants gal anyway.

Thanks for your comments
Luna Jubilee said…
what a total fun twist to the challenge! I'm thrilled your in on this week :)

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