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Parajen Surprises

We had fun tonight, my old buds and I. Parajen Homes has a grab bag of goodies just out. Five pumpkins to choose from and there are no "bad" prizes.

Some gifts are bigger than others, but all are very nice. I have lived in a couple of Parajen Homes, and own even more than that. I have enjoyed my dwelling time within their designs. So if you are in need of housing. Stop by and try your luck.

One of the prizes is this shanty house. It has nooks and crannies, a porch and an attic. It comes complete with enough furnishing to get you started. A 512 footprint keeps it cozy, but you will need some land for the prims involved. The curtains sway in the breeze. It is darling.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

It seems so roomy inside, it is difficult to imagine that it is actually fairly small. But the measurements on the building pad must be right :D.

It boasts a fireplace, dining area couch and built in bedchamber. What more could you need?

There are three gift certificate prizes with the largest one being 2000 linden, more than any prefab on the lot. Generosity abounds.

The other physical prize is a skybox dungeon. Not my thing, but I know it fits right in to the lifestyles of some folks. There is a gorgeous medieval church, several mansions and a few smaller buildings. I can vouch for the tiny shack as I lived in it for many months.

So stop on by and click on a pumpkin.


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