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24 Hours - Autumn Skybox

A bit of late breaking news here. If you have been reading this blog for a long while, you may remember that I used a futuristic skybox from Gentlemen Bastards as my studio for many months. One of the "gentlemen" contacted me oh so briefly this morn to let me know that there is a super special 24 hour deal on his brand new release, an Autumn skybox.

It comes with plenty of furniture and some dynamite (art is personal I know) paintings. This is Piedra, who I didn't know but who dropped in while I was photographing. I thought she was interested in the skybox and had hopped inside. Indeed she was interested -- especially when I told her about the deal -- but in fact she was just coming to the sandbox; it was an unplanned visit. Since she was dressed in coordinating colors, I asked if I could take her photo and she agreed.  You are not supposed to see "me" as I am dressed in my PLUM outfit (photos already processed) which is under wraps until tomorrow.

From the notecard:

The Autumn Skybox is the perfect way to chase away the winter blues. With cosy couches and chairs, a bed to snooze on, a warm fire and lights, a clock that keeps SL time, beautiful artwork and decor, and warm texturing all-round, it's the ideal home to snuggle up in over the next few chilly months.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

The skybox has a footprint of 20m x 30m and three rooms separated by dividers. Among other things, it features warm local lighting in the lamps and the fireplace, several couches and chairs featuring multiple poses, curtains that open and close with a click, and is fully-modifiable. Total prim count is 219.

For a limited 24-hour period, running from 12 noon SLT on Saturday November 27th to 12 noon SLT Sunday November 28th, it will be available to buy for 90% off (and it is VERY inexpensive). Head to the rezzed build  (sorry it moved - fixed now) and find the buy box inside, or buy it from SL Marketplace (the link is in my profile: search inworld for Skell Dagger and check the Web tab).

This is a roomy spot and could easily, sans furniture, be a nice shop somewhere in the SL atmosphere. The curtains do close for privacy and the wall textures are yummy. There is a coordinating bed in one room.

That's the late-breaking news.  Special thanks to Piedra for being part of this post.


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