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That's me waiting for 9 AM to roll around. If you missed the announcement, Second Spaces is having a design contest. It is like speed building for home decorators. Two hours, two hundred prims, a 10 x 10 space (I didn't measure, just guessing) and an inspiration box. This sounds like so much fun.

Update: I checked back and all the spots are now filled. It should be LOTS of fun!

There are prizes that haven't been announced as yet, but honestly while it is nice to win, this just sounds like a great way to spend a few hours. Half of the folks get to go on to the next round and then there is a third contest after Thanksgiving (USA's). You can read all about it here.  And the SLURL to the contest sight is here.

OK, tiny confession time. I got a little bit tooooo excited and bought my booth before 9 AM, but I was a very good girl and stuck around (that is me sticking atop my box) until well after 9 to make sure that I didn't really cheat. When I  left a bit after nine there were still plenty of spots. So if you love to decorate and like a challenge, hop on over and spend a linden to rent your booth.

Style notes tomorrow. I really DO look good up close and personal, but I have more inventory sorting to do. So many lovely things in need of better organization.


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