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Not So Basic Black

I have been over at the Avenue Hunt; of course I have. Designers have lots of lovely prizes out. Some are right on the sidewalk, some in the shops, some definitely NOT in the shops. Some are just barely hidden, some very well hidden and some hidden so well that "I" did not find them :D.  From the hints list (pick it up from the poster at the landing area) I know that some alluded my not so keen hunter skills. And the CheerNo hunt object wasn't buyable, possibly because it was edged WAY into another prim? Don't know. I will check back later with the hoards of others that were standing around trying to click and buy for $0.

My favorites are the top from Baiastice and the chair from Stylissimo. And then there is the hair!  Two great styles in a variety of brunette colors from LeLutka.  I actually liked the one for guys the best, but both are exceptionally nice. Find the gals easily; just look for the hoard of women clustered outside the shop. Reading the hints will help on the LeLutka prize, but not so much on some of the others.

My top photo was taken in the new, three sided prop room by BehaviorBody@ Baiastice. The 30 prim  POSET Prop V1 comes coalesced for easy placement. Poses (both gals and guys) can be accessed through the curtain, the chaise or the table.  You can have up to five avatars in a scene. Poses come in a hud and in pose stands also. My favorite spot is that long, long hall. Beware while low prim this is not a small set, so if you are on a tiny lot, you might need to put it in the sky. And, if you don't need a whole pose set, you can purchase stands, sits and lays individually. I love the one in the top photo!

Best of all -- to my thinking anyway, you can use the props separately in whatever locale you need. Here I am using the table as the posing prop inside the Raven's Nest skybox. AND she says excitedly, you can mod the table color a bit. It is so cute, I am going to tint it black and add it to my SLH&G setup which hopefully goes up today. More on that tomorrow.

My earrings, as you might have guessed, are from Finesmith's.  I was so happy to have something appropriate to wear them with.Somehow biker jackets and hoodies just didn't seem to go *wink*.  They are indeed as nice as the reviews have said and the menu choices are extensive. Click that top photo to see them up close and personal.

That's my news of the morning. Of to work I go

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

Style Notes: 

Hair: [LeLutka]-SETH hair - WalnutWhip
Skin: []::Tuli::[] The Dressing Room :: Gina 06
Clothing: Baiastice_Song Noir top; SYSY's Black pants
Shoes: Orange Creations #OC# Melanie- Black Leather
Accessories: Chloe's Hallusinations- earrings

Poses by: BehaviorBody and the chair.


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